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HEBEI DELIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD is one of the biggest manufacturers or suppliers of slurry pumps in China. Our slurry pumps are mainly utilized in industries like dredging, mining, metallurgy, municipal engineering, electricity, coals, desulfurization with thermal power flue gas, petroleum, chemical industry and building materials. With the produce capacity of 10000 sets of pumps, 6000 tons of pumps and the spare parts,  our products are exported all across China and more than fifty countries and areas worldwide.

Quality Control

The quality of our products is better than other companies in the same industry. Testing starting from casting ensures the top quality of every component to the whole machine.
1. Materials testing: testing equipment for materials: the metallographic structure, processing of spare parts, machine assembling, and for product performance can be done by inspection instrument for materials analysis and testing, like shock tester for tenacity, universal strength tester, peel force tester, and measuring instruments and like inspection tools for special use and universal use. Besides that, we have built professional testing platform for the testing of products like

Shock Tester Universal Strength Tester

Carbon Sulfur Analyzer Electromagnetic Vibration Screening Machine

Tensile Testing Machine Spectrum Analyzer

2. Performance testing for products: Delin owns the biggest water test base for slurry plump in North China. The product performance will be tested before delivery, which can ensure the reliability and quiality of our products.
3. Production equipment: We have a series of production equipment including planomiller, vertical lathe, drilling machine, movable mixer, sand preparing machine, melting furnace, thermal treatment furnace, etc.

Thermal Treatment Furnace Aerator

Sand Prepartion Equipment Gantry Milling Machine