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  • Flue gas desulfurization pump is a single stage, single suction horizontal centrifugal pump, mainly used as the circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD appliances. This series of horizontal desulfurization pump for flue gas is with compact structure, saving much space. Our company has developed many a variety of materials for the flue gas desulfurization pump. The flow rate of flue gas desulfurization pump is 3900m³/h, and head is 263m.
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Pump
  • Single stage single suction FGD pump is a type of abrasion resistant centrifugal pump for transporting corrosive liquid. It has broad applications, including transporting acid, alkaline liquid or slurry, various abrasive slurries in mining industry. In addition, Delin Machinery has developed many kinds of materials for single stage single suction FGD pump.
  • Single Stage Single Suction FGD Pump
  • We are one of leading manufacturers of slurry pumps for various applications in China. Double casing FGD pump is lined with hard alloy or rubber that is interchangeable, wear resistant and reliable. With compact cantilever design, double casing FGD pump is designed especially for transporting abrasive media containing fine particles. Double casing FGD pump is a single stage, single-suction centrifugal pump that is designed for FGD system of thermal power station, used as the desulfuration circulating pump of absorber column (tower), filter feed pump, lime slurry transfer pump.
  • Double Casing FGD Pump
  • Lanteky® Machine is a professional horizontal desulfurization pump manufacturer and exporter in China. We are specializing in desulfurization centrifugal pump and many other types of slurry pumps. Our horizontal desulfurization pump are been exported to U.K., Germany, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and etc. The desulfurization pumps are widely used as the desulfuration circulating pump of absorber column (tower), filter feed pump, and recovery pump.
  • Horizontal Desulfurization Pump
  • Lanteky® Machine is a professional centrifugal desulfurization pump manufacturer and supplier in China. We are specializing in centrifugal desulfurization pump or horizontal desulfurization pump and many other types of slurry pumps. Our pumps are delivered to Iran, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bulgaria, Zambia etc. We are expanding more cooperation partners across the world.
  • Centrifugal Desulfurization Pump

DSC(R) Series FGD Pump

Capacity: 1083-2722L/s
Head: 26-27m
Speed: 550-740r/min
Material: high chrome alloy and rubber

Detailed Description

Lanteky® Machine is one of the biggest pump companies specializing in manufacturing slurry pumps in China, with land area of more than 40,000m2 and building area over 22,000m2. The products are mainly used for river course diversion, mining, metallurgy, city planning, power, coal, FGD,petroleum, chemical industry, building material production, etc. DSC(R) series FGD pump is a type of a centrifugal pump, single- suction, single-stage and with horizontal structure, featuring benefits of broad flow rate, high efficiency and energy-saving. FGD pumps are of compact design and space-saving. As a professional slurry pump manufacturer and supplier in China, we have developed a variety of materials for DSC(R) series FGD pumps.

Features of FGD Pump

1. CFD flowing simulating analysis technology is adopted for pump wet parts, with reliable design and high efficiency.
2. Adjusting bearing assembly can change the impeller position in volute, keeping pump unit in a high efficient operating state.
3. DSC(R) series FGD pumps are of rear side disassembly design, have a simple structure, and are easy to maintain. No need to dismantle suction and discharge pipes.
4. Double-row tapered roller bearings are fitted on a pump end, roller bearing on a drive end. Bearings are lubricated by oil, improving their working condition and prolonging service life.
5. Mechanical seal is specially designed for cartridge mechanical seal used in FGD pump process of DSC(R) series FGD pumps with reliable operation.

Material for DSC(R) Series FGD Pump

We developed a new kind of material - duplex phase stainless white iron - which is especially suitable for FGD devices. With anti-abrasive property of duplex stainless steel and corrosion resistance of high chrome white iron, the material qualifies for FGD process.
1. Pump casing, pump cover and adaptor plate are bearing pressure parts which are made of ductile iron and lined with rubber.
2. Impeller, suction cover/front liner insert are made of duplex phase stainless white iron.
3. Front liner, back liner, back liner insert are made of natural rubber which has good anti-corrosive property, light weight and low cost.